Updated ACP Coming Fall 2019

Summer 2019 will be the last quarter of ACP Media & Global Communications. Beginning Fall 2019, this ACP will be updated and improved to include a more thorough approach to theories and practices in the field, known as Digital Marketing & Communications.


In a time in which knowledge about world events and people comes largely through mass media, there is an increasing need for business professionals to understand the global, social, political, and cultural impact of its various forms. This program prepares students and professionals for the ever-changing media environment and redefines the boundaries of what communication is and how it works.


  • Understand how strategic communications support business objectives using modern communication and media techniques
  • Gain an understanding of communication and media studies with a focus on the humanistic aspects of media and its impact on society
  • Develop and execute complex integrated communications plans
  • Gain a competitive edge in the global job market with an internship in a U.S. company

Who Should Attend

The Certificate Program in Media & Global Communications is designed for those who wish to enter or enhance their careers in marketing, advertising, public relations, journalism, human resources, corporate communications, or sales.

Certificate Requirements

To earn a certificate at UCI Division of Continuing Education, students must complete all required courses with a grade of “C” or better.


Presentation Skills SeminarExpand

One’s most valuable personal asset is an ability to communicate effectively. To convey ideas and persuade an audience that a product or service is best suited to their needs, it is essential that one be able to speak articulately, in a well-organized, thoughtful, and impressive manner. In addition to a client-based audience, professionals must also be skilled in expressing their ideas and opinions to co-workers, employers and professional peers.

Leadership Workshop: Understanding Yourself & Your Teams for Better ResultsExpand
This seminar will discuss using strength based competencies to positively affect your career, your leadership and your teams. We will explore your personal strengths and competencies and how to think about them within your own career. We will also explore how to use competencies in leadership to get the best out of the individual, build effective teams and deliver on your business objectives. Self-assessments will be incorporated and its application to leadership.

Media and Global CommunicationsExpand

Learn about the broad range of activities associated with the globalization of media production, distribution, and reception, including the relationship between local and national identities and the emergence of a ‘global culture’. Examine channels of communication and how they impact economies, politics, and culture, as well as the context in which information is received, interpreted, and understood. Also, study the use and reception of technological innovations and its impact on the media.

International Crisis Communication and ManagementExpand

Learn to develop and execute a strategic crisis communication plan. Develop the skills and tools necessary to present information to the media, write press releases and work with media outlets. Through case studies, you will explore strategies for minimizing risk, creating a crisis plan, and leveraging social media to educate and update the public.

Public RelationsExpand

Explore the theories, strategies, and tactics used in public relations programs for corporate, governmental and nonprofit institutions. Learn to identify and reach specific internal and external target audiences through different media channels such as print (advertising and direct mail), broadcast media (public service announcements, and local, national, and international news), and electronic media (press releases and the web), while preparing a comprehensive public relations portfolio.

Ethics and Disciplines in AdvertisingExpand

Examine the role of advertising in a free market economy and its place in mass communications. Learn to analyze advertising perspectives, develop marketing and advertising strategies, integrate advertising with other elements of the communications mix, and create advertisements and commercials. Study the cultural impact of advertising as well as new industry trends and techniques.

Developing a Digital Media StrategyExpand

Develop a social media strategy and gain a complete understanding of the POST (people, objectives, strategy, and technology) process. Learn effective audience profiling techniques using technographics and social computing behaviors. Explore cohesive strategies that integrate social media into sound business practices and methodologies for implementing social media channels to achieve organizational business and brand objectives.

Persuasion and Social InfluenceExpand

Learn the theories, concepts, strategies, and processes of persuasion and social influence as applied to both interpersonal persuasion and communication campaigns. Focus on the theories and research evidence underlying the process of persuasion, the factors impacting its effectiveness, and learn to critically evaluate its social influence in the communications discipline.

Capstone: Communication PlanningExpand

Integrate and apply the knowledge and concepts learned in the program in a comprehensive manner in this capstone course. You will be challenged in the opportunity to assess the impact of your educational experience on your ethical perspectives and critical thinking skills. Also, reflect on and evaluate personal and professional growth in the study of communication and the impact of these elements in this career field.


As an optional last course and for an additional fee of $2,900, you have the opportunity to apply academic theory and gain practical experience in a variety of businesses and industries for up to three months. A research project provides additional training. Also included in the internship is the Résumé Writing and Interviewing Skills workshop.

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Certificate tuition: $7,900

(Approximate total cost: $13,700 USD, excludes airfare)

Internship tuition: $2,900    


Winter 2019 Jan 7-Mar 22
Summer 2019 Jun 24-Sep 6

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