Gain practical experience with real-life application of the skills and concepts you learned in your Accelerated Certificate Program (ACP), Graduate Success Through Academics and Research (GSTAR), or Academic Study Abroad Program (ASAP).  Take part in a 10-week professional internship (practicum) with the Southern California business community. Internships are pre-experience level as this is often a student’s first professional placement.

*GSTAR and ASAP students must receive academic program office approval prior to internship program enrollment.


  • Learn to write an American-style resume and cover letter
  • Enhance interview and communication skills
  • Gain valuable professional experience
  • Increase your exposure to American business culture
  • Cultivate educationally enhancing relationships

Step-By-Step Internship Process

  1. Attend an internship information session
  2. Enroll and participate in Resume Writing & Interviewing Skills Workshop course (AC ENG_806.2) to learn how to write a professional resume and cover letter, practice and improve interview skills, and receive support and guidance in the internship application process
  3. Apply and interview for internships
  4. Accept internship with company based on offers received
  5. Participate in Internship Practicum course (MGMT_X462) and attend on-campus class sessions
  6. Complete internship
  7. Submit internship/practicum report in reflection of internship experience
Quarter 1 (Workshop - 1 CE Unit)Quarter 2 (Internship)
  • Internship preparation (application materials and search process)
  • Secure internship
  • Experiential learning (internship)
  • Professional development
Curriculum Topic
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Interview skills (including mock interviews)
  • Professional communications
  • Networking
  • Internship search and application process
  • Internship in American business setting
    • 200-350 hours throughout quarter
    • 6 units of academic credit; Unpaid
  • Professional brand (such as self-assessment, presentation skills, and LinkedIn)


After the successful completion of an ACP, GSTAR or ASAP and Resume Writing & Interviewing Skills Workshop course (AC ENG_806.2), students are eligible to continue into the Internship Practicum course (MGMT_X462). Participants must attend all mandatory in-person meetings and be in good academic standing.

The 6-unit Internship Practicum course (MGMT_X462) can only be taken in the student's final quarter of study.


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About the Internship Field

The internship course is part of the ACP, GSTAR or ASAP curriculum and the internship experience must be in a field directly related to the most recently completed program.

ACP example: If a student is enrolled in ACP Project Management (i.e. ACP PM) and then enrolls in the internship course in the next quarter, the internship must be directly related to Project Management.  Students should keep this in mind when selecting their ACP enrollment pathway.

GSTAR example: After a GSTAR student has been approved by their academic office to enroll in the internship program, their internship must be directly related to their GSTAR field of study.

ASAP example: After an ASAP student has been approved by their academic office to enroll in the internship program, their internship must be directly related to their home university major.

Employers Looking for Interns

Internship Experiences is always looking to partner with local Southern California companies interested in hosting international students in a variety of internship positions. If you are interested in hosting an intern, please email us at dce-internships@ce.uci.edu for more information.

Students talk to potential employers in the engineering field.



Internship ExperienceTuition: $2,900

Approximate Total Cost: $7,900 USD, excludes airfare

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