For students who want to find alternate housing options, here are additional resources for you to begin your research.

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Housing Scams Targeting International Students

It is important to know that not all advertisements may be legitimate, so please review this information as you research your housing options. Some warning signs that the listing may be a scam include:

  • It seems "too good to be true"
  • It requires immediate action
  • It requests personal information, such as a passport ID, credit/debit card numbers, or Social Security number
  • It insists you send money even though you have not seen the property
  • Refusal to show you the place or to meet you (whether it is via Skype or video chat)

Consider this advice to avoid being the victim of a scam:

  • Research rental rates in the local Irvine area before you commit to renting
  • Use Google Maps to verify that the property exists
  • Ask about all the terms and conditions before signing anything or sending money
  • Avoid paying for a money transfer
  • Be suspicious of anything involving large sums of money
  • Do a reverse image search to see if the pictures of the property were taken from another site
  • Read about other common scam types