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Undergraduate Success Through Academics and Research (STAR)

UCI Division of Continuing Education’s comprehensive Success Through Academics and Research (STAR) gives qualified students essential skills and acculturation opportunities to help them advance and succeed in their undergraduate education in the U.S. STAR will provide American & academic cultural seminars, academic English courses, pre-college courses, and research and critical thinking skills preparation for setting a strong foundation for academic success in students’ future college education.  In addition, students who have demonstrated academic strengths and proficient English language skills during the program will receive the opportunity of enrolling in UCI credit-bearing courses to study with world-renowned professors and get a head start in college.  STAR will also allow students to navigate college campus resources, explore their major and career options, and determine a right-fit university / college for their educational trajectory.


Graduate Success Through Academics and Research (STAR)

The Success Through Academics and Research (STAR) programs offers post-baccalaureate degree seekers a great learning environment for becoming competitive applicants to and successful students in high-ranking U.S. graduate programs. STAR offers two tracks of study: General and Specialized.  Students will receive advanced academic, professional, research, and communication skills training through rigorous UCI credit-bearing courses or Accelerated Certificate Programs (ACPs).  Moreover, students who have successfully earned an ACP certificate will be eligible to participate in a three-month internship to boost their resumes and interaction with business professionals in the U.S. STAR will help students become familiar with demanding graduate school culture at a top university, build a strong professional network, and set a right-fit educational path for reaching their goals.

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