Updated ACP Coming Fall 2019

Summer 2019 will be the last quarter of ACP Marketing. Beginning Fall 2019, this ACP will be updated and improved to include a more thorough approach to theories and practices in the field, known as Digital Marketing & Communications.


The internet, digital economy, and growth of an information-based society are dramatically changing business and the way products and services are marketed and sold. To be more successful in this “new marketing environment,” business people need to understand what is changing and the new tools and approaches now available. This certificate program focuses on building marketing knowledge and skills while incorporating the new tools. Specific areas of focus include market and marketing research, competitive monitoring, internal and external communications, marketing planning, and use of internet tools, techniques and software available to assist in implementing marketing strategies.


  • Explore new career opportunities or develop specific skills in marketing
  • Interact with local and international marketing professionals
  • Enhance your knowledge and skills in the various components of marketing, consumer research, presentation skills, creativity, and strategic planning
  • Acquire practical and theoretical knowledge from instructors who are working professionals and leaders in their field
  • Gain a competitive edge in the global job market through an internship in a U.S. company

Certificate Requirements

To earn a certificate at UCI Division of Continuing Education, students must complete all required courses with a grade of “C” or better.


Presentation Skills SeminarExpand

One’s most valuable personal asset is an ability to communicate effectively. To convey ideas and persuade an audience that a product or service is best suited to their needs, it is essential that one be able to speak articulately, in a well-organized, thoughtful, and impressive manner. In addition to a client-based audience, professionals must also be skilled in expressing their ideas and opinions to co-workers, employers and professional peers.

Leadership Workshop: Understanding Yourself & Your Teams for Better ResultsExpand
This seminar will discuss using strength based competencies to positively affect your career, your leadership and your teams. We will explore your personal strengths and competencies and how to think about them within your own career. We will also explore how to use competencies in leadership to get the best out of the individual, build effective teams and deliver on your business objectives. Self-assessments will be incorporated and its application to leadership.

Essentials of MarketingExpand

Develop a strong understanding of the four Ps – product, place, price and promotion – which will prepare you to engage in the creation and execution of dynamic marketing endeavors.

Gain experience with market segmentation, positioning, the product and service development process, financial budgeting and integrated marketing communications. Examine the complex relationships between objectives, strategies, positioning, tactics, budgets, competitive analysis, target markets, sales departments, and more. Learn how to monitor the environment, conduct market research, and choose customers and suppliers more carefully while improving the profitability of your business. Investigate new cutting edge Internet tools to increase sales and enhance marketing communications.

Market Research and AnalysisExpand

Explore advanced market research methods, including the use of web-based tools and techniques to anticipate competitive strategies and outmaneuver your competitors. Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing program, determine necessary changes, and implement a competitive strategy. Study the factors that impact consumers’ buying decisions and learn how to affect demand for your product or service.

Integrated MarketingExpand

Strategic use of the Internet can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your overall marketing program. Learn how search marketing, display advertising, email marketing, site optimization, social media, mobile marketing, online analytics, and other online methods are used to achieve acquisition, conversion and retention of customers.

Brand ManagementExpand

Acquire a working knowledge of how to develop a brand process and strategy within your own company and integrate it into your communication plan. Discover brand life-cycles, how to build a brand, and the distinctions for branding your product online.

Strategic Marketing CapstoneExpand

Integrate and apply the knowledge and concepts learned in a comprehensive manner by practicing the modeling and mechanics utilized to develop a strategic marketing plan. Apply market research and analysis, brand identity, implementation strategy, budgeting, and financial projections to prepare a comprehensive marketing proposal. Communication with agencies, internal departments, and senior management will also be explored.


As an optional last course and for an additional fee of $2,900, you have the opportunity to apply academic theory and gain practical experience in a variety of businesses and industries for up to three months. A research project provides additional training. Also included in the internship is the Résumé Writing and Interviewing Skills workshop.

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Certificate tuition: $7,900

(Approximate total cost: $13,700 USD, excludes airfare)

Internship tuition: $2,900


Winter 2019Jan 7 - Mar 22
Spring 2019Apr 1 - Jun 14
Summer 2019Jun 24 - Sep 6

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