Updated ACP Coming Fall 2019

Spring 2019 will be the last quarter of ACP Digital Marketing. Beginning Fall 2019, this ACP will be updated and improved to include a more thorough approach to theories and practices in the field, known as Digital Marketing & Communications.


Marketing practices have evolved with technology to take advantage of the opportunities presented by email, social media, website development, and smartphone connectivity. Today's marketers must incorporate these new pillars of customer outreach to boost awareness and sales.

ACP Digital Marketing is designed to provide you with a comprehensive examination of tactics and strategies across social media, mobile marketing, online analytics, and search engine marketing aimed at fully leveraging the Internet for achieving business goals. Learn the latest trends and methodologies for acquiring, converting, and retaining customers in the digital era.


  • Build effective online marketing strategies for customer acquisition, conversion and retention
  • Integrate key analytics and consumer browsing behavior into your online marketing efforts
  • Drive more traffic to your website using search engine marketing (SEM) techniques, including search engine optimization (SEO), to enhance both organic and paid search tactics, and maximize promotional dollars
  • Track and measure online marketing campaigns using website analytical services
  • Apply social media, mobile and emerging technologies to promotions

Certificate Requirements

To earn a certificate at UCI Division of Continuing Education, students must complete all required courses with a grade of “C” or better.


Presentation Skills SeminarExpand
One’s most valuable personal asset is an ability to communicate effectively. To convey ideas and persuade an audience that a product or service is best suited to their needs, it is essential that one be able to speak articulately, in a well-organized, thoughtful, and impressive manner. In addition to a client-based audience, professionals must also be skilled in expressing their ideas and opinions to co-workers, employers and professional peers.

Leadership Workshop: Understanding Yourself & Your Teams for Better ResultsExpand
This seminar will discuss using strength based competencies to positively affect your career, your leadership and your teams. We will explore your personal strengths and competencies and how to think about them within your own career. We will also explore how to use competencies in leadership to get the best out of the individual, build effective teams and deliver on your business objectives. Self-assessments will be incorporated and its application to leadership.

Overview of Internet MarketingExpand

Learn the core concepts of digital marketing, its key differences from traditional marketing, and how its interactive strategies can be used to acquire, convert, and retain online customers. Digital marketing strategies including search marketing, display advertising, email marketing, website optimization, social media, mobile marketing, and online analytics will be explored.

Audience Definitions and ProfilingExpand

Who is your target audience and how can you use social media to better understand, reach, and engage them? In this course, you will examine qualitative research methods for monitoring social media demographics and identify the social media applications and strategies best suited for reaching specific targets.

Online Analytics and MeasurementExpand

With online analytics, you can have a comprehensive understanding of how your digital marketing channels (e.g., websites, social media, video, mobile apps) are performing—not just individually, but in relation to each other. In this course, you will study techniques and best practices for measuring, interpreting, and reporting on key data to improve overall marketing activity and drive ROI.

Search Engine Marketing and OptimizationExpand

Nowadays, most purchasing decisions start with an online search—but how do you achieve high rankings on search engines in an environment that is ever evolving and increasingly competitive? Learn when and how to employ organic SEO practices vs. pay-per-click strategies, how to optimize and personalize website content, and how to improve website performance through methods such as A/B and multivariate testing, audience segmentation and experience personalization.

Mobile MarketingExpand

Gain a solid understanding of the mobile marketing landscape, examine the sector’s rapid evolution, and consider current and future trends. Articulate the benefits and opportunities of a mobile strategy, including determining how it fits into a multichannel approach, achieving stakeholder buy-in and design, and implementing and measuring a successful campaign.

Developing a Social Media StrategyExpand

Learn how to approach, plan, and measure a sustainable social media strategy using technographics, social computing behavior, audience profiling, online community engagement best practices, and other strategic methods to achieve business or brand goals.

Transmedia Marketing Through StorytellingExpand

Brand storytelling is no longer a one-way street. Today, brands must craft stories collaboratively with their audiences to make the biggest impact. Engage and persuade your audience in meaningful and immersive ways by reviewing and developing transmedia story strategies for a product, company, or campaign.

Online Video MarketingExpand

Create video content that will entertain, inspire, and compel viewers toward action. In this course, you will explore four key components to maximize your future success in online video marketing: compelling content, engagement interactivity, integrated analytics, and guaranteed audiences.


As an optional last course and for an additional fee of $2,900, you have the opportunity to apply academic theory and gain practical experience in a variety of businesses and industries for up to three months. A research project provides additional training. Also included in the internship is the Résumé Writing and Interviewing Skills workshop.

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Certificate tuition: $7,900

(Approximate total cost: $13,700 USD, excludes airfare)

Internship tuition: $2,900


Spring 2019Apr 1 - Jun 14

Look for Digital Marketing & Communications beginning Fall 2019

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