Program Tracks

Students can choose from one of the following tracks of study within STAR that suits their best interest and educational goals:

  • General Track: Comprehensive academic English training and a focused study plan that is relevant to a student's field of study and provides the flexibility of choosing Accelerated Certificate Programs or university credit-bearing classes; learn the course topics that target critical and analytical thinking and resume writing and interviewing skills..
  • Specialized Track: Intentional curriculum for students who wish to pursue science and technology as their major area of study and future career; enroll in major-specific courses to acquire advanced academic, research, and professional communication skills and to fulfill the pre-requisites for application to a graduate degree program.
  • 3+1+1 Track: Exclusively for students of our university partners that have an agreement with UCI Division of Continuing Education. Any independent student who is interested in this track can contact to inquire about their eligibility.

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  • Expert guidance on U.S. graduate school selection and the ACTS (Authentic, Comprehensive, Targeted, Strategic) focused application assistance
  • Exclusive networking opportunities with selective graduate programs to showcase your strengths and to receive pre-admission consultation
  • Undergraduate and Graduate academic credit-bearing classes that may satisfy the pre-requisites of and be transferable to your desired graduate program; Up to one-half units transferable to selective graduate programs at UCI
  • Research Citation and Principles classes to teach the structure of building a research project and potential opportunity to work with UCI professors on research projects
  • Enhanced CV with completion of our Accelerated Certificate Programs/UCI credit courses, plus expert guidance on building a successful graduate school resume and career-related advising on internships and Optional Practical Training (OPT)
  • Intensive Academic English and advanced training in Professional Communication (e.g., interview and presentation) that helps you become proficient in English language use in any formal settings
  • TOEFL / GRE / GMAT preparation courseswith emphasis on analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and test-taking strategies
  • Comprehensive support in academic study skills and individualized advising
  • Intercultural conversation experiences with current UCI students who will meet in one-on-one or group conversational settings
  • Social events and excursions with other international and American students
  • School partnership and scholarship opportunity: STAR is excited to partner with several prestigious institutions in the U.S, including Northwestern University School of Professional Studies, Pepperdine University Graduate Business and Law Schools, and A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management at UC Riverside. Highlights of our partnerships include priority application review and English requirement (e.g., TOEFL and IELTS) waiver. Scholarships from our partners are also available.

Note: Participating in Graduate STAR is not a guarantee of admission to UCI or any other university. 

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