Grad ASAP is specifically designed for eligible international graduate-level students to enhance their educational experience for 1, 2 or 3 quarters. This intensive program gives current graduate students the opportunity to both take select graduate courses and prepare for advanced degrees alongside matriculated UCI students in credit-bearing UCI courses.

Additional approval and fees are required for enrolling in over 12 units; the maximum number of approved units per quarter is 16 units.


  • Study at a Top 10 U.S. public university
  • Learn from renowned UCI professors and accomplished professionals
  • Live in the safest large city (ranked by the FBI) in the U.S.
  • Receive academic support and individualized advising
  • Build your network through meaningful interactions with international and U.S. students, and UCI faculty and staff
  • Choose the length of your program and have the flexibility to extend
  • Earn credit that may be transferable to your home university
  • Participate in the social events and excursions with other international and American students

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Grad ASAP entry requirements?Expand

To be accepted in the Grad ASAP program, you as an applicant must provide the following documents:

  1. The Completed ASAP APPLICATION with a non-refundable $200 application fee
  2. Copies of your official academic transcripts showing completion of a bachelor's degree
  3. Copy of certification of enrollment in your current graduate-level degree
  4. Copy of your current passport page that shows your photo
  5. Eligibility to apply for a US F-1 student visa
  6. Copies of you or your sponsor’s financial statements (e.g., checking or savings accounts) that meets our financial requirements for I-20 issuance:
    • $29,600 USD for 3-month Grad ASAP and 6-month Grad ASAP
    • $44,000 USD for 9-month Grad ASAP
  7. Copies of English proficiency proof that meet any of the following minimum test scores:
Acceptable Test Minimum Score
CEFR: B2, C1, C2
CET-4 (China) 493
CET-6 450
Computer-based TOEFL: 213
Duolingo: 105
GEPT High intermediate
GRE (Verbal score) 150
IELTS: 6.5
Internet-based TOEFL: 80
iTEP: Level 5
Paper-based TOEFL: 600
TEM 70
TOEIC: 685


  1. TOEFL iBT MyBest Scores, Special Home Edition, Essentials and IELTS Indicator will be accepted as long as all exams were taken within the past two years.
  2. To send an official TOEFL or IELTS test score, please select the institution code B166.

English Requirement Exemption:

  1. You have attended a high school for at least 3 years where English is the main language of instruction, or
  2. You have attended a higher education degree program for at least 3 years where English is the main language of instruction and the country

UCI Division of Continuing Education reserves the right to deny acceptance to ASAP. Applicants who are not accepted into ASAP by UCI Division of Continuing Education will be notified in writing.

What is the application process?Expand

  1. Complete the online ASAP APPLICATION and pay the non-refundable $200 application fee. 
  2. After you have been provisionally accepted into Grad ASAP, an official Acceptance Confirmation Letter will be sent to you. This letter is usually sent by e-mail. It will describe the Grad ASAP registration policies and request the required Program Deposit of $5,000 USD to be submitted to Grad ASAP within 15 days after the receipt of your Acceptance Confirmation letter.  (Note: Students who are government-sponsored must provide an official letter of financial support in lieu of the Program Deposit and any additional tuition and mandatory fees to avoid any delay in the application process or enrollment cancellation.)
    (Note: Students who are government-sponsored must provide an official letter of financial support in lieu of the Program Deposit and any additional tuition and mandatory fees to avoid any delay in the application process or enrollment cancellation.)
  3. After Grad ASAP has received your required program deposit, you will receive an official Letter of Acceptance (LOA), Form I-20, and Welcome Packet. With the Letter of Acceptance and Form I-20, you will be able to submit a request for a student (F-1) visa from the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your area.
  4. You will also receive the Elective Course selection form inside the Welcome Packet.  The form must be completed and returned to the Grad ASAP office at least 45 days prior to the program start date. 
  5. You will have 45 days to pay the balance of the program tuition and fees. Confirmation of enrollment must include full payment of tuition and fees.

Please see Registration Policies & Deadlines for cancellation and postponement requests.

Is this a full-time program?Expand

Yes. Minimum full-time requirement is 12 units each quarter. F-1 student visa is required for students who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents to study in this program on UCI campus.

What is the program tuition and fees?Expand

The Grad ASAP tuition ranges from $8,200 USD for 3 months/1 quarter to $24,000 USD for 9 months/3 quarters. Additional required fees per quarter are: $585 Student Health Insurance and $250 Student Services.

Please also note that UCI Division of Continuing Education also provides many student activities and support services for all its international students.  Please visit ACTIVITIES for more information.

What are the requirements for completing the program?Expand

Program Completion clearance will not be granted for a student with an outstanding debt to UCI DCE, or any outstanding misconduct charges, or unsatisfactory completion of all program requirements.

Can I still apply to Grad ASAP if I am not sure that I meet your entry requirements?Expand

UCI Division of Continuing Education is committed to serving students from all diverse backgrounds.  While the acceptance preference will be given to students who have met our minimum acceptance requirements, we recognize individual circumstances and offer comprehensive review of every applicant.  Thus, students who do not meet our minimum acceptance requirements are still encouraged to apply.  It is important that students provide additional information (e.g., resume, community service, awards and achievements, and extra-curricular classes and activities.) to demonstrate their unique circumstances.

How many units can I earn in Grad ASAP? Can they be transferred to my degree program at my home university?Expand

Grad ASAP students may earn 12 quarter units each quarter. Credit value in quarter units is indicated in parenthesis after course numbers. One quarter unit equals two-thirds of a semester unit.   Please know that every university or college admissions office holds the final determination of the transferability of the units a student earns in Grad ASAP.  It is strongly advised that you check with your home university about their unit transfer policy in advance.

International universities and colleges that are interested in becoming a partner with UCI Division of Continuing Education to provide an exciting study abroad experience for their students, please Contact Us.

What are the subject areas available to Grad ASAP students?Expand

There are 2 required courses, and a range of options for elective courses, which vary by quarter.

Required Courses:

The following courses must be taken during the first quarter of Grad ASAP:

Advanced Academic Writing (7.5 units), M-F

The goal of this course is to prepare advanced English speakers for academic writing at the graduate level, particularly in relation to their chosen fields of study. Students will learn to develop and express ideas effectively for a variety of purposes (expository, analytic, and argumentative), audiences, and occasions.

Graduate Research Seminar (4 units), Tu/Th

This class will guide students to develop advanced academic readiness for graduate school. Students will grapple with global leadership-centered topics and therefore test their academic reading, writing, and speaking ability. The main focus of the course will be on the ability to demonstrate graduate level critical thinking, reading, writing, and presentation skills. The content will also support the development of a strong breadth of knowledge in international current events.

Elective Courses

Graduate Course Options:

  • Comparative Literature – various courses
  • Economics – 210 series, 220 series, 227, 229, 249, 259, 269, 279
  • History – various courses
  • Humanities – various courses
  • Logic & Philosophy of Science – 244
  • Mathematics – 210 series, 220 series, 230 series
  • Public Policy – 215, 221, 225, 240, 260
  • Urban Planning & Public Policy – 204, 246, 273

Note: Additional options available pending professor / departmental approval.

Note: Participating in Grad ASAP is not a guarantee to admission of UCI or any other university.




3-month tuition: $8,200 USD

6-month tuition: $16,200 USD

9-month tuition: $24,000 USD

Approximate total cost for 6 months: $29,600 USD, excludes airfare; Approximate total cost for 9 months: $44,000 USD, excludes airfare


Fall 2022 Sep 14
Winter 2023 Jan 4
Spring 2023 Mar 27