Take advantage of expert UCI instruction from the comfort of your home to continue improving your English language ability. These 30-hour (3 unit) fully-online courses are instructor led, include three optional, live Zoom sessions per course, and do not require a textbook. Work on your grammar, writing, speaking and listening from anywhere in the world!


  • Focus on real communication with authentic use of English
    through engaging lessons
  • Learn from experienced, passionate teachers who give
    students personalized feedback
  • Build your confidence and grow your international network
    with classmates from around the world
  • Flexible schedule allows you to set your own study times


Intermediate Grammar and WritingExpand
Would you like to learn how to express yourself more clearly and accurately in written English? In this course, you will improve your sentence writing and master the art of writing a paragraph! Learn to choose the correct verb forms to write about the past, present, and future. Practice useful vocabulary to help you connect ideas within and between sentences. Become more confident about how to use commas and periods. Whether your goal is to pass an exam, write an effective cover letter, or inspire others with your words, this is the course for you! Learn topics such as:

  • Form grammatically correct sentences using a variety of verb tenses including the present simple, present progressive, present perfect, past simple, past progressive, past perfect, and simple future.
  • Organize written ideas with a well-constructed topic sentence, body with signal words, and a conclusion sentence to compose a paragraph.
  • Identify different parts of speech to choose between different word forms.
  • Use conjunctions and transitions to connect ideas within and between clauses and sentences.
  • Write a well-organized, cohesive paragraph.
  • Use adjective clauses to modify nouns and connect clauses.
  • Use common gerunds and infinitives word combinations.
  • Support opinions with explanations, elaborations, and examples.
  • Use specific nouns to avoid using you in academic writing.

Advanced Grammar and WritingExpand
Clear and effective written communication is more important than ever. In this course, you will boost your writing skills and learn to incorporate advanced-level English grammar in your written work. You will study the meaning and purpose of common grammar structures and will learn how to maintain appropriate tone and style for writing politely, professionally, and according to academic conventions. Join this course and take your writing to the next level! Learn topics such as:

  • Write complete sentences, incorporating sentence variety and avoiding fragments, comma splices, and run-on sentences.
  • Support general statements with details and avoid making overgeneralizations.
  • Use a variety of expressions and modals to communicate ability and skills, politely express preferences, suggestions, and requests using modals and other expressions.
  • Use the passive and active voice correctly and write from different points of view.
  • Organize ideas into an academic essay that has an introduction, body, and conclusion for cause/effect and compare/contrast essays.
  • Distinguish between quoted speech and reported speech and incorporate properly cited quotations in their written work.
  • Paraphrase ideas from outside sources and incorporate them into their writing with proper citations.
  • Analyze passages and write well-organized, 6-8 sentence summaries.
  • Outline and compose a 5-paragraph summary/reaction essay and argumentative essay.
  • Use gerunds and infinitives, adjective clauses, noun clauses, reduced adverb clauses, and conditionals in writing.

Intermediate Speaking and ListeningExpand
Communicating in English is a valuable skill in today’s world, but speaking and listening can be a challenge. This course for intermediate learners will help you improve your skills through focused instruction and practice in listening, speaking, and pronunciation. You will experience listening in many situations, ranging from informal conversation to business meetings to academic lectures. Whether you need to improve your English speaking and listening skills for business, education, or travel, this course will help you reach your goals. Learn topics such as:

  • Listen to conversations and factual talks and identify main ideas and details.
  • Engage in everyday small talk and ask follow-up questions to keep a conversation going.
  • Prepare and deliver presentations using clear organization and effective speaking skills.
  • Use pauses, intonation, and volume to help get their meaning across.
  • Pronounce some of the consonant and vowel sounds of English with greater intelligibility.
  • Recognize syllables in words, identify stressed syllables, and produce words with correct stress.
  • Take notes on a factual listening passage, using a choice of organizational styles.
  • Analyze and describe pros and cons when considering a topic.
  • Make a recommendation and support it with reasons.
  • Prepare answers for typical job interview questions.

Advanced Speaking and ListeningExpand
Are you able to carry on daily conversations in English but struggle to speak confidently in more professional or academic settings? In this advanced-level course, you will practice your listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills through guided instruction. You will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge in conversations, discussions, and presentations that you may face in the workplace or an academic environment. Join this course to advance your ability to interact effectively with native speakers! Learn topics such as:

  • Determine the main idea, details, and purpose of academic listening passages.
  • Make inferences from listening passages and dialogues.
  • Listen actively and paraphrase what the speaker says.
  • Use thought groups, rhythm, and word stress in speech to sound more native-like.
  • Give prepared speeches on various topics.
  • Give an impromptu speech on a given topic.
  • Listen to and write facts and statistics from advanced level listening passages.
  • Use persuasive techniques to build an argument and rebuttal.
  • Apply anecdotes and storytelling techniques to engage a listener.
  • Learn correct usage of final consonants, consonant clusters, and unstressed vowels in words.


  • Recommended for learners from high school and up
  • While all of these courses will help improve your English, the following chart may help you determine which level is best for you:
     Advanced 470-579 52-79 461-710 4.5-6.0 B1-B2
     Intermediate 420-469 36-51 313-460 3.0-4.5 A2-B1

    *Level equivalencies are approximate



Program Cost

Tuition: $525 per course


Fall 2023 Oct 16 - Dec 10
Winter 2024 Jan 22 – Mar 17
Spring 2024 Apr 15 – Jun 9
Summer 2024 Jul 8 – Sep 1

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